Exterminating Rats

Basically, rats are known to be disease vectors. As such, their infestation in your home is something of great concern, which should be addressed effectively. The rats may not be accessing the living area in your home, but you should have them eliminated the moment you identify them in any part of your home.

Rat Infestation in the Home or Garden

Rats can exist in various parts of your home. As such, the concern should not arise only when the infestation is in the living area. Even the rats living in the attic should be a point of concern. Additionally, you should also watch out for rats in the external parts of the house, such as the garden. With time, the rats in the garden will gain access into the main building and cause problems, hence should be eliminated early enough.

Problems Caused By Rats

Rat infestation in homes is a serious health risk for both pets and human beings. This is mainly because rats are vectors and can transmit such diseases as salmonella, E.coli, TB and Weil’s disease. Additionally, rats may also trigger allergic reactions in some people or spread fleas, mites and ticks into your home. The rats may also gnaw into electric wires and cause a fire.

Signs of Rat Infestation

Rats are nocturnal in nature and tend to hide from human beings. This makes them hard to see physically, but you may use the following signs to detect rat infestation:

  • Scratching sounds- this may be observed under the floor or in the walls as the rodents are scurrying around.
  • Rat nests- rats tend to build their nests using shredded materials like fabrics and papers in the warm and well concealed areas.
  • Droppings – you may also use rat droppings, which is tapering and dark in colour, to detect their presence in the house.
  • Damage – rats will gnaw into almost anything in the house, particularly food packaging. Additionally, they will gnaw on plastic and wood in order to sharpen their teeth.
  • Rat burrows – if the infestation is outside the house, such as in the garden, you will also see rat burrows on the ground. Rats particularly burrow into compost heaps and beneath sheds.

Simple Rat Control Tips

The first and most effective way of controlling rats in your home is preventing them from getting into the house. This entails sealing all the openings that may be used by the rodents to access the house. Additionally, you may also use ultrasonic rat repellents to keep them away. In addition to keeping the rats away from the house, the following tips will help you exterminate rats in the house:

  • Storing food in either metal or plastic containers
  • Keeping all the refuse and trash in closed bins
  • Clean the areas that are hard to reach, such as under stoves
  • Use bird feeders that are squirrel-proof

These tips will help you keep the rats out of the house or discourage them from increasing in numbers. However, you will have to contact rat control experts to eliminate the rat population in the house and prevent future infestation. AMG Extermination has a wide range of highly effective rat control products as well as a team of experienced professional in rat extermination.

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