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For centuries people have created poisons against mice, but rodents have an amazing ability to adapt, and poisons lose their effectiveness in as few as two generations. Due to their high fertility and the ability to survive, it can be nearly impossible to effectively  combat mice  without professional help.

Mouse control by means of professional tools techniques and tools requires an understanding of their physiology and behavioral reflexes to give you long-lasting and high-quality results.

Mouse removal is best carried out by means of lures, which are produced in the form of flavored pellets. Mice extermination occurs by placing these pellets where mice live, breed, and feed. Due to the high fertility and mobility of rodents, it is important to prevent mice from entering or accessing all areas of a property. Mice removal and extermination  is guaranteed to bring effective results within the first two weeks after treatment. We combat rodent colonies in buildings of different profiles and purposes, and at facilities of any complexity in accordance with their individual characteristics.


Usually, one of the first noticeable signs of a mouse infestation is the presence of small, pellet-like droppings. Mice do not like to be out in the open, so droppings are key evidence of mouse problems. In the wild, mice are nocturnal, but when infesting a human dwelling, mice often adjust to human activities, and often follow regular routes, creating tracks with heaps of droppings and dust.

Mice spoil crops, destroy and gnaw at food products and electrical wiring, and transmit many infectious diseases. If there are mice in your apartment, the threat of disease increases sharply. Mice can transmit plague, tularemia, and encephalitis.

The presence of mice is revealed by the smell of the processed food. In the wild, mice prefer to settle on soft, wet soil and dig burrows. Mice are agile and dexterous; they move quickly and are good at swimming.


Mice prefer to take residence in attics, basements, shops, and warehouses. In multi-storey buildings. Mice may gradually spread across all floors. In the apartments, they settle in bathrooms, kitchens, mezzanines, and extensions. In warm seasons, house mice may migrate to the yard and garden, but with the onset of cold weather they usually return to weather-proof warm rooms.

When infesting human habitats, house mice build their nests in alcoves and crevices, under the floor, and in the attic. Mice build their nests out of various materials, including cloth, paper, wool, and cardboard. However, mice will always leave a nest that has been contaminated, and build a new one.

House mice can be distinguished by round ears, gray-color back and a short tail. They are spread throughout Canada, and will feed on absolutely any available products. Field mice are distinguished by black-and-brown strips along the spine, and their preference for eating grains and seeds.

The survival of a mouse colony depends largely on its high fertility. In favorable conditions, mice in a house breed all year round, with litters of 4-6 mice, at minimum, born only 20 days after conception. Their number in a litter is from 4 to 6, sometimes more.


We conduct preventive and destructive activities aimed at mice extermination in enclosed spaces (cellars, residential and industrial objects) and in open areas. Our specialists are professionally trained and have many years of practical experience in mouse extermination.

We use only certified chemical and biological agents, in full compliance with manufacturer recommendations and in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines to ensure complete safety. Our experts use effective certified modern products and proven methods of mouse infestation control, and our mouse removal  process is conducted in compliance with the recommendations of pest control product manufacturers. Using these professional tools and techniques, mice extermination can be performed without harm to humans, pets, or the environment.

We have and individual approach to every customer and to every order, which allows us to solve problems of any complexity with an optimal price-performance ratio. Our experts will arrive at any time convenient for you, including weekends and holidays.

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