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Professional deratization is based on the knowledge of rats’ behavioral reflexes and physiology. Our specialists have many years of successful experience of rat extermination in apartments, houses, and businesses. We offer rat control services for any kind of land plots or premises. Rat extermination with the use of effective products and proven methods can guarantee the effective destruction of rat populations. All products used in our work are made by the leading manufacturers according to the latest technology in rat control, and have all the necessary certificates, and our professional rat control work is conducted in full compliance with the recommendations of the product manufacturers to prevent the possibility of harm to humans, pets, and the environment.


Rats have a cautious and suspicious attitude towards humans. Although they are usually cautious when provoked, rats can sometimes be extremely aggressive, especially in locations they feel confident. Rats living near humans have adapted skillfully, having developed resistance to many poisons, the ability to eat anything and extreme fertility. Rats devote a significant part of their time to exploration. In rat colonies there are some individuals who knowingly put themselves at risk. They eat new food and climb to unfamiliar places. The rest are observers. Rats can, consequently, detect poisons and learn from their mistakes. Rats are omnivorous. They feed on any plant and animal food. Rat colonies search for food at all times of day, but they are most active at dusk.

Grey rats prudently stock up food for the future, and their diet can also include rubber, fabrics, leather, books, and soap. Rats often gnaw through the insulation of electrical cables and scratch through wooden structures. Rats dwell in large, territorial groups, according to the size of the colony. Although they are active all year round, rats are most fertile during warmer months, but breed less often during colder seasons, with the peak breeding activity occurring in the early autumn and spring. In the summer, rats usually move closer to bodies of water, returning to inhabit houses and cellars with the onset of colder weather. This causes the massive influx of rodents into warm heated rooms with the onset of the first frost.

Rats usually enter and explore houses through open doors, holes, and air vents in basements and ground floors. For the most part, rats do not have natural enemies in cities, and they are cautious about humans, but not hostile, because they realize that humans are good providers of food. However, rat extermination is essential, because rats can cause considerable damage to properties and can transmit many infectious diseases that pose a threat to human life and health.


We conduct preventive and eradicative control measures for rat extermination and deratization of enclosed spaces (such as basements and residential and industrial facilities) and open areas. Our specialists are professionally trained and have many years of practical experience in rat removal and they are able to solve problems of any complexity. We use only modern certified chemical and biological agents in compliance with manufacturer recommendations and in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines to ensure the complete safety of humans and pets. We have individual approach to every customer and to every order, which allows us to solve problems of any complexity with an optimal price-performance ratio. Our experts will arrive at any time convenient for you, including weekends and holidays.

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