Body Grid Traps

In addition to trapping the animal, this type of trap also crushes the raccoon. It was popular in the olden days, but is rarely used today. This is mainly because the trap is comparatively hard to use. As such, you should first learn how to use a body grid raccoon trap prior to acquiring it.

Paw Hold Traps

In most cases, this type of trap is used to capture raccoons for their fur. Otherwise, it may also be used to get rid of raccoons from your compound. In most cases, where the paw hold traps are used, the animal is usually shot and killed after it has been captured.

Live Cage Traps

If you are not intending to harm the animals, but rather relocate them to somewhere else, this is the type of trap you should use. The trap mainly comprises of a metal cage that features a trip pan. Once the raccoon is inside the cage, the trip pan triggers the door of the cage to close, hence trapping the animal inside.

Many homeowners today are just tempted to purchase and use the traps themselves. However, to succeed in these methods of raccoon removal, you will need to familiarize yourself with the proper techniques of each of the methods. Otherwise, it is essential that you leave this work to the professionals. Additionally, there are certain legal aspects that you should familiarize yourself with, regarding raccoon trapping and control, some of which include:

  • If you are not experienced in trapping raccoons, it may be advisable to leave the job to the professionals. This is because you may end up trapping your pets or the neighbors’ pets.
  • Prior to setting the traps, you should Montreal rules, regarding the trapping of animals. This is mainly because trapping the animals on your own is illegal in some places. Additionally, you also have to clearly understand what the law stipulates, regarding the disposal or relocation of the animals you have caught.

Rather than having to und4ergo all his trouble, it is advisable to just contact the professional pest control companies to get rid of the Raccoons in your compound. One such company in Montreal, with the best and effective trapping methods, is bats extermination.