Professional Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bug treatment in apartments and houses performed by our specialists using effective modern products and methods ensures their complete extermination after a single treatment. All activities aimed at bed bug removal are conducted in strict compliance with the applicable regulatory and procedural documents as well as the recommendations of the insecticide preparations manufacturers. Bed bug extermination with the use of professional tools and techniques is absolutely safe for human and domestic animal health as well as for the environment.

Bed bug

Bed bug is an insect widespread throughout the world. People have been conducting bug control for centuries. Bed bug feeds exclusively on blood. It has a flattened body, the color of which ranges from yellow to light brown. Due to the well-developed olfactory organs, bed bugs detect human scent at a great distance.

A crushed bed bug spreads a characteristic smell, which is sharp and unpleasant. In the daytime, bugs hide under the wallpaper, the baseboards, in parquet and floor cracks, in the folds and seams of mattresses, and in the joints of furniture.

Bed bug bites are painless and imperceptible to human. Their saliva contains anesthetic agents. Redness and irritation occurs in the site of the bite. When attacking a person, bug does not stay in one place. It travels over the skin leaving a track of bites.

Bed bugs are wingless insects that quickly move from place to place on clothing, furniture, luggage, and things. They are fairly common in hotels, hostels, trains, and other densely populated areas. Provided there is a sufficient amount of food, a female bug lays from 5 to 12 eggs per day. The eggs hatch after an average of 14 days. It takes baby bugs from one to two months to turn into adults. Adult bed bugs live about 12 months but can survive longer in cool buildings. Bugs die when the temperature drops below -9 C˚ or rises above 40 C˚.

Apartment buildings with central heating have created ideal conditions for bed bugs. In a favorable environment which is our home, bed bugs propagate at an alarming rate. How do you determine that it is bugs that have settled in your house? If you find reddish-brown small insects on the walls, in the soft furnishings, bed sheets, or in other corners of the house, be aware that you have bed bugs in your house.

How to get rid of bed bugs? Independent struggle against bed bugs produces poor results, since the commercially available products for bed bugs extermination have an evanescent effect and are inefficient for bed bug treatment of premises. Like many other pests, these insects are able to adapt to the products used against them and become resistant. Independent treatment may reduce the number of insects for some time, but there will be hatched new insects; rapidly propagating, they will soon restore the number of insects in your apartment.

What are the signs of bed bug occupation?

If you find bites similar to the mosquito bites on your skin in the mornings, you have bed bugs in your place. There is a small itching blister that brings significant discomfort. It is a reaction to the impact of allergic stimulus, i.e. bed bug saliva. Another sign of bed bug attack are numerous bites on the skin; with an increase in the number of insect population the number of bites will also increase.
Mind that bed bugs are not a reason to be ashamed of your place’s untidiness, since no one is immune to their occurrence.

When buying a mattress or a sofa, you may accidentally bring these pests into your home. You or your friends can easily bring them along after a tourist or business trip. You can carry bed bugs on your clothes, which was checked in the wardrobe of an institution, or they may cling to your items after you sit on an infected piece of furniture. Your guests may carry bed bugs on their clothes or belongings. Maybe it was the wage-workers who had done repairs in your apartment that brought the pests along. If your neighbors perform pest control treatment themselves, the bed bugs can get to your apartment from theirs. If you live in a rented apartment, there is chance the previous tenants did not perform pest control.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Professional bed bug extermination is based on the understanding of their physiology and reflexes. Bed bug treatment of apartments and houses consists in spraying of professional products inside their habitats and places of propagation and movement. Within a short period of time, the adult bugs die and new bugs hatch from the eggs.

Our professionally trained specialists have many years of experience of bug extermination in various premises.

Bug extermination is carried out using modern certified chemical insecticides in compliance with the product manufacturer’s recommendations and in strict accordance with regulatory and procedural documents, guaranteeing your full security.

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