German cockroach

The German cockroach can be light tan through brown to almost black, and has two dark parallel streaks running from the head to the base of the wings. It is the number one roach in the World. These insects are particularly associated with restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, and nursing homes. In colder climates, they found only near human habitats.


American cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest species of common cockroach, and often considered a pest. The adults grow to an average length of around 4 centimetres (1.6 in) and about 7 millimetres (0.28 in) tall. They are reddish brown and have a yellowish margin on the body region behind the head. Immature cockroaches resemble adults except that they are wingless.


Brown-banded cockroach

Adult male brown-banded cockroaches are about 1/2 inch long and light brown, with fully developed wings. The adult females are shorter and stouter than the males. Cockroaches prefer warm and dry locations, such as near refrigerator motor housings, walls of cabinets, inside pantries, closets, dressers, furniture in general and electronics items.

Currently found in almost every location across the globe, the cockroaches are am9ong the most resilient insects across the world. The insects have undergone various adaptive changes to survive in different environments, especially in places where people live. Though the cockroaches were initially tropical insects, they have undergone various changes, making them capable of thriving in an array of climates, including the temperate climate. As such, they are some of the most prevalent pests in commercial and residential places. While their presence can be very disturbing, the tropical insects are also known to be vectors of various diseases and infections.

Types of Cockroaches Found in the Country

Currently, there are about 4,500 known species of cockroaches across the world. About one percent of these species are pests that frequent commercial and residential properties. In most cases, the cockroaches will enter into houses to escape the harsh weather conditions in their habitats or to look for food. The commonest cockroach species in the country is the German cockroach. The other types of cockroaches you will encounter in the country are the oriental cockroach, wood cockroaches, brown-banded cockroach and American cockroach.


The color of cockroaches ranges from reddish-brown to black and the adults measure between one and five centimeters in length. The majority of them have wings but cannot fly for long distances. The insects have three pair of legs and a pair of antennae. Their body is generally oval in shape and flattened from the front to the back.


Provided they have enough food supply and ideal moisture, cockroaches can virtually thrive in any habitat. However, they regularly enter into houses looking for the damp and warm environments with abundant food supply. Some of the locations where cockroaches can exist in a house include greenhouses, basements, kitchens, bathrooms and any room with sewer pipes.


Normally, cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers. In their natural outdoor habitats, they feed on decaying plant and animal matter. Once inside the house, they can feed on virtually anything, including food remnants, fabrics, and soap, leather, toothpaste and pantry items. However, they are mainly attracted to the starch and sugary items in the house.

Life Cycle

Basically, these insects survive for up to a year. The female cockroaches lay between 100 and 200 eggs. They undergo incomplete metamorphosis comprising of:

  • Eggs

The females lay eggs, protected by a case known as ootheca. The eggs are laid in protected places within their habitat. However, some cockroach species carry their eggs until they are ready to hatch.

  • Nymphs

The incubation period for the eggs is between two and three months, after which nymphs emerge without wings. The nymphs go through various stages throughout their development, constantly molting to shed off their skin. Nymphs will molt about six to seven times before they reach adulthood.

The entire metamorphosis of cockroaches takes between four months and a year. The period taken by the insects to develop through the various stages is mainly affected by the humidity and temperature conditions.

Problems Associated with Cockroaches

In addition to being a nuisance, the insects can spread an array of infections and diseases, especially when they come into contact with food. They are known vectors of bacteria, such as salmonella, coliform, streptococcus and staphylococcus.

Prevention Tips

The following tips may go a long way in eliminating and regulating future cockroach infestation in your home.

  • Cleaning an vacuuming the floor regularly
  • Storing pantry and food items in well sealed compartments
  • Keeping the various compartments in the house dry and clean
  • Wiping spills and getting rid of trash every day.

In addition to prevention, you should hire a professional company like AMG Extermination to control and prevent occurrence of cockroaches in the house. AMG Extermination has some of the best cockroach control products and programs for both residential and commercial places.


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