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Our website is your connection to an individual combination of services and products put together for you. These are available to you in Montreal – Anytime, anywhere. We have a unique way of putting together expertise, teamwork and technology for a professional and satisfying pest control experience.

Who are we?
We are the pests worst nightmares, that’s who we are. We understand the individual challenges businesses and homes face when in need of pest control. With businesses there are no second chances to make a first impression and pests are NOT part of a good impression. Homes have the unique challenges of children and pets to worry about while using pesticides.
We are experienced in the ways of pesticides in order to know which ones to use for your individual needs. We want your house to be the safe haven you need it to be, not a place where your afraid to put anything down for fear of the bugs getting in it! We don’t want you to fear opening something due to bug infestations.

Can I get an estimate?
Yes! We not only offer a free estimate, we offer a free inspection of your home or business, as well. There is no pressure to using our service, but, if you want a free estimate and inspection, there’s a good chance you need our services.

We guarantee you will be pest free! We guarantee it will be fast and effective! We have the most technological pest control available!

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Get a Free Inspection Now
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Сustomer service Policy

Our customer service policy is to dedicate ourselves to solving the problem of each of our clients in a quick, professional, and friendly way. We do all this and offer you savings too! Our goal is to satisfy every customer, not most customers. We have the highest quality service.

What do you offer?

We offer the extermination of bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, mice, wasps, spiders, centipedes, silverfish, snow bug (pill bug), raccoons, skunks, and earwigs. If the bug or beastie that’s getting on your last nerve is not on the list, contact us! We may have just what you need.

Where is your service based?

We are based in Montreal and we serve the entire city of Montreal. We have a team of experts waiting to deal with the infestations all over town. We, even, have a service for regular visits to keep your home or business bug and critter free.There is no need to be too embarrassed to call us for help.

Final thoughts

Having pests in your house is not always because you have too much stuff. It probably isn’t because you don’t clean your house properly. Pests come into peoples homes and businesses for several reasons. Most of which the owners have no control over.They usually come in for shelter through a small opening.


Eliminating Bed Bugs from Your Home Permanently


American, German and Brown-banded cockroach.


Get Rid of House Mice and Deer Mice Fast and Effective.


How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House. Problems Solved – Guaranteed.


There is no need to be too embarrassed to call us for help – 514 944-7007.