Residential Pest Control

With some of the best pest control specialists, our key priority is to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our outstanding residential pest control methods and products. This is why we have various pest control programs, designed to suite your particular need. Regardless of the time of the year, different pests, including spiders, flies and even rodents, are continually looking for food, shelter and breeding grounds. This is why they will keep resurfacing in your home, unless you have the right pest control program in place. To effectively eliminate pests, you first have to understand their habitat. The pest control program for residential house has been designed to eliminate pests, prevent their recurrence and educate the occupants of the house regarding the various pests.

Pests covered by this program

With years of experience and reliable expertise, the company has effective strategies and products to get rid of various pests, including various ant types, centipedes, carpet beetles, earwigs, cockroaches, ground beetles, fleas, silverfish, millipedes, spiders, sow bugs, mice, wasps and rats.

What the Residential Pest Control Program Covers

1. The Initial Visit

Before administering any control method, specialists will carefully examine the property. This will help ascertain the type of pests to be controlled and their habitat. Additionally, the inspection will help the specialists decide on the best suited control method. The inspection will cover;

• The Inside: this is meant to uncover the pests hiding inside the house in the cracks and crevices

• The Outside: the inspection outside the property is primarily meant to uncover the entry points of the pests, hence control future recurrence.

2. Ongoing Visits

Since different pests, including cockroaches, mites, rats and ants tend to be prevalent during certain times of the year, the program is designed to cover ongoing visits to the residential property. This is done all year round and is meant to identify, eliminate and prevent pest invasion. If at any point you notice any pests in the house, while under this program, you should contact the company. The specialists from the company will come over and eliminate the pests at no extra charges.

3.20 Point Inspections

This part of the program is meant to inspect all the accessible areas in the house, both interior and exterior. This inspection is carried out during all the ongoing, scheduled visits. This way, you can rest assured that the company will provide you with a comprehensive pest control program all year round, including:

• Spring

At this time of the year, the specialists will inspect the home thoroughly for any pests and exterminate them. Additionally, they will also apply a barrier to protect the home against invasion by crawling insects.

• Summer

During the summer, the company will carry out an extensive exterior inspection on the house to identify and control such pests as bees and wasps. Again, if an interior inspection is necessary, the specialists will also offer it. They will then apply an exterior barrier against pest infestation throughout the season.

• Fall

During the fall, the program carries out a thorough inspection of the house, including the20-point Pest inspection. This is carried out both inside and outside the house. They will then administer the appropriate pest control strategy.

Over the years, AMG Extermination has proven to be a leading provider of pest control services and products in the country. Mentioned hers is a comprehensive residential pest control program used by the company.


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