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In most cases, people tend to view squirrels as harmless, as they run up and down the garden or in the compound. As their habitat contracts, these animals will be pushed to inhabit in the chimney, crawlspace or the attic of your home. If you happen to hear the sound of medium sized animals running up and down your attic, you probably have a squirrel infestation. The sound of the animals running up and down the attic normally occurs in the early morning hours, during the day and the early hours of the evening. In most cases the color of squirrels ranges from gray to black. Regardless of the species, these animals will use the attics in your home to shelter, especially in the fall and spring months.

Squirrel Infestation

In most cases, these animals will gain entry into your house through almost any opening in the house. In most cases, they use the roof vents, soffits and rooflines to gain entry into the house, especially if such points are not well sealed. Regardless of the point of entry into the house, squirrel infestation is a nuisance, hence the need for squirrel removal. Once in the house, these animals will give birth to live young ones, mainly during the fall. Additionally, they will store food in the attics as well as the chimneys, for the coming winter months. In so doing, the animals may end up chewing wires and insulations in the house. They will also cause a lot of commotion and noise, especially in the morning, thus disturbing your sleep.

Problems Associated with Squirrel Infestation

Among the squirrel preferred infestation areas in your home is the attic. If this region is sealed, they will look for another habitable place in your home. Once in the house, the animals will disturb the insulation in the house, making it ineffective. They may as well shred the ductwork. After a certain period, a foul smell will start emanating from the attic, because of the accumulated squirrel urine. They will also leave openings in the house, providing an avenue for insects, bats and other pests enter into the house. In some cases, the squirrels have been to cause house fires. By gnawing through electric wires, they leave the wires exposed, which is a fire hazard.

Though rare, these animals can transmit infections to human beings. This way, they are a health risk to the occupants of the infested house. Squirrels are some of the main carriers of infections like Powassan encephalitis, rabies and tick fever, which may be passed to human beings. This is why you need to call the professionals to get rid of the pests the moment you notice them.

Currently, there are numerous methods and products that may be used to control squirrels, including traps such as the one-way door installation in their habitats. However, it is advisable to call on the leading squirrel removal companies in Montreal, such as AMG Extermination. At AMG Extermination, we have some of the best and highly effective squirrel removal methods and products in the country.


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